Mediation &  Relaxation On the Patio!

Sitting on the patio is my spot to mediate.  Where is yours? We can share our thoughts and joy. Depose of unhappiness. I plan to leave the unhappiness on the patio and take the joyful thoughts with me.  My thoughts I plan to leave is the one that worries me, “how will I die.”  This has been a snarling thought. One that stays on my mind. Will it be long and painful? Will it be short and painless?  How will others be affected by it. Will they suffer along with me if it is long and painful. Will their suffering be short if it is a short painless death for me? Will there be lots of tears. What will I see and feel after death. Will I just be asleep when it is all said and done. Will I be judged for the things I did and the things I should have done. Will I be alone again or will I meet up with others who have expired.  I will leave this thought on the patio. Tomorrow when I return, if I do. I will have only joyful thoughts on the Patio……


Relieving Stress

It has been  while since I have posted.  But I am beginning to have a few things on my mind.  One thing is I have to make an interesting decision. This decision will surely impact my life.  I will give it a lot of thought. I don’t think praying about the matter will get me there. But deep meditation will.

I want to share my views on being Stressed and finding relief for it.  I love ART. Everyone who knows me knows that.  I enjoy it to the point that I sketch daily and view art daily.  Iam finding that Art is relieving any stress that I may have. I want to share this because I use to be very stressful over some of life very important matter. When I started to draw, paint or doodle. I realized I was becoming Stress Free.

This Is one of my pastels.  Believe me there may be some who question my art.  But that is ok I am not profession. Iam enjoying what I do.

Sick and Overcoming Stress

It is terrible to be sick every morning. But I don’t want to become stress about it.  The first thing I’ve done is ask my WP friends for suggestionsd. Second, I am going to relax until I feel like me.  Then I will sketch.I have homework from my art class.  Trying not to focus on my nausea is the key.  Well, looking for all your suggestions. Thanks

Question to my WP friends.

Good afternoon, this is not my usual post. I am asking for your help. If u or someone u know  wakes up most mornings nausea. No I am too too old to be pregnant. It is from my back meds for pain. Yes I eat before I take meds. Dr. have given me all types of med to counteract the nausea. None of them work. Right now I am sipping on cinnamon and hot water. Horrible-not working after a while.  Any suggestions….holisic or otherwise. Thanking u in advance.

Stress Free the way to be…

I have been depressed for years. My feelings were different from those I was around. I wore a mask like i was enjoying myself but i wasn’t. I began to find what really interest me. I started finding people i wanted to be around. I love art now i am taking classes. I do like me better. I have a goal. I am not nearly as good as the artist I am around. But my goal is to enjoy my accomplishmments. Not to please others but to please myself. To enjoy myself in what i do. I see others who are great Iam not like them but i enjoy looking at their work and maybe getting to a point where I can be real proud of me to me.  Doesn’t matter what others say.  Only constructive criticism is important in life.  Keep away from negativity.

My Stress Free Therapy

There is one thing that brings me into a tranquil state.  That one thing is beauty.  I love beauty in all forms.  Photography and Art are first on my list.  I can look at both for hours.  It puts me in a relaxed state.  It is almost to the point that I dont want to let it go.Is there something that makes you feel the same way.  It may be Fashions Magazines, Bird Watching, Sewing or Music. Whatever it may be keep it close to you and make time for it, as often as you can.  Then release it  and go with the beauty of it. Don’t try and share it with anyone except a person who has the very same emotions for that particular joy. Because trying to force someone into it and they really aren’t lovers of your joy as you are WILL only put a negative vibe on it. Today,  was a remarkable Stressfree Day.

I planned it, I looked forward to it. I conquered that JOY….I almost let the rain rob me of it.  NOW I CAN TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND REFLECT ON..Tell me about your Stressfree day!