Question to my WP friends.

Good afternoon, this is not my usual post. I am asking for your help. If u or someone u know  wakes up most mornings nausea. No I am too too old to be pregnant. It is from my back meds for pain. Yes I eat before I take meds. Dr. have given me all types of med to counteract the nausea. None of them work. Right now I am sipping on cinnamon and hot water. Horrible-not working after a while.  Any suggestions….holisic or otherwise. Thanking u in advance.

Stress Free the way to be…

I have been depressed for years. My feelings were different from those I was around. I wore a mask like i was enjoying myself but i wasn’t. I began to find what really interest me. I started finding people i wanted to be around. I love art now i am taking classes. I do like me better. I have a goal. I am not nearly as good as the artist I am around. But my goal is to enjoy my accomplishmments. Not to please others but to please myself. To enjoy myself in what i do. I see others who are great Iam not like them but i enjoy looking at their work and maybe getting to a point where I can be real proud of me to me.  Doesn’t matter what others say.  Only constructive criticism is important in life.  Keep away from negativity.

My Stress Free Therapy

There is one thing that brings me into a tranquil state.  That one thing is beauty.  I love beauty in all forms.  Photography and Art are first on my list.  I can look at both for hours.  It puts me in a relaxed state.  It is almost to the point that I dont want to let it go.Is there something that makes you feel the same way.  It may be Fashions Magazines, Bird Watching, Sewing or Music. Whatever it may be keep it close to you and make time for it, as often as you can.  Then release it  and go with the beauty of it. Don’t try and share it with anyone except a person who has the very same emotions for that particular joy. Because trying to force someone into it and they really aren’t lovers of your joy as you are WILL only put a negative vibe on it. Today,  was a remarkable Stressfree Day.

I planned it, I looked forward to it. I conquered that JOY….I almost let the rain rob me of it.  NOW I CAN TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND REFLECT ON..Tell me about your Stressfree day!

Blogging More

I want to confess that I have not been blogging. Instead I have been focusing on my Art.  I want to focus on Accupressure for Stress Free days.  I will be address various issues pertaining to what Accupressure can do for you in order for you to become Stress free. So follow along and send in questions.  Iam a Psychotherapist and I enjoy my profession along with Accupressure.  So I will be Blogging More!


Hi Ladies & Gents, Gents if you care to join us.  This is an enjoyable afternoon and it is Stress Free.(ME DAY)  I am entertaining myself by being at the DIA.  What? you are saying the DIA?  That’s right.  The entertainment (music) is great, the food is reasonable and lovely from pizza to steak. Nice beverages for drinkers or non-drinkers.  It is so wonderful to relax and do whatever you want.  Basically, I just want to relax, blog and sketch.  I definitely want to see the new exhibit, The Dance..It will be here until June.  Therefore, I may wait until a special day for me.

I know this may sound boring to some of you, but what seems boring is very relaxing.  That may be something you should try.  Take your ME DAY, and just decide what would be something I would like to do alone.  Something that I haven’t done in a long time but will make me happy.  Just the thought of doing something different.  Not just a movie but before or after the movie, stop at the coffee shop. Perhaps, take some stationary and write an old friend.  While sipping on your coffee, a sketch pad and do some doodling or your journal and write some things that are inside of you.  Let those things come out and read them tomorrow.  You will be surprised how you look at yourself the next day.  Once, I wrote 20 some pages, the next day I read that stuff and tried to change my whole personality. Of course, I ripped those pages out for fear someone may read that old personality stuff.  Try it, you will be surprised what you come up with.  Maybe looking at the mirror may be a good thing.  It does help to pull things out and put them in the proper perspective. You know what I mean.  You don’t have to visit your therapist so often if you journal. SMILES

Friday -No Stress Day

Hi Ladies or Gents if you want to join us, welcome.

 Let us consider, what is Stress?  Stress is a natural reaction of the body to any demand pleasant or unpleasant placed upon it.  

Now that we know what is Stress, let’s free ourselves from it today. Enjoy your day.  It is Friday there is a lot do with someone or alone. For things to do go on line to or The New Monitor or Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room. In RO. 7:00pm sip and tunes…I enjoy that venue.

I am looking forward to hearing about your day, Facebook or comment on my blog.  M


Stress relief during Holidays

So far the weather has been very nice. This puts us in a pleasant mood.  We want to stay that way throughout the rest of the year even if the weather begins to get really cold and lots of snow. Dressing warm can make all the difference in our attitude. Some of us have decided to stay home and cook for others.  While others have decided to visit.  Some are planning to take in a performance. Whatever our choices are, planning takes the stress o
ut of our life.  Plan now; your event, your schedule, your attire, your meal, your grocery list, your tickets, your reservations, your decorations, and the timing. It is best to write everything out.  By the time, you incorporated all of this in your schedule you are taking the first step in relieving stress for yourself and those closely involved in your life now. Being organized make life less stressful.  Knowing what to do, when to do it and exactly how you want to do.  This takes all the stress out of your life. Don’t you agree?