The Hotel

This weekend was Stress Free.  I decided to take up a treat of staying in the hotel for 48 hours.  I had a beautiful room in one of the most elite hotels in our Michigan area.  The day started with a wonderful meal of salad and a lovely sandwich, which was plentiful, so I played with that all day.  I filled the refrigerator with wines, diet pop and water. I had lots of treats, that ordinary I would have refused myself from eating (diet thing).  I brought my computer and kindle, not sure which would have my attention but I know I needed to blog. Now that I had all my goodies and my fabulous room, it was time to go to the pool.  The water was warm, almost as warm as the jacuzzi.  Following the water relaxation, I hit the sauna.  That was a real treat.  Now I feel great.  I went back to my room and enjoyed the rest of that delicious salad and sandwich.  Had a glass of wine and decided to write this blog.  TV on Saturdays for some reason is not the best, but there is always Netflex and On demand.  After the blog writing I will get into a movie.  I don’t think that movie thing will last too long because, I am so relaxed that I think sleeping is next on the agenda.  This was a Stress Free evening.  I am suggesting that you try it.  You don’t always have to go out of town.  Just try it, get away and relax!


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