Focus on Who, What and Where?

What should we focus on? I would think myself.  That is not the answer.  Take the focus off yourself, especially, if that is your main focus most of the time.  Thinking about others will take a lot of stress off yourself.  Put it in a more interesting place. It can be others, an interesting place, goal or purpose.  For example; another person, helping in an area that will benefit someone others than yourself, doing something that can be looked at by others as a project for them.  Join a group that you can give some feedback that will benefit the group members.  Use your skills to shape others in a way that you have given someone apart of you.  Think about how you can make life easier for someone.  Stress can be depressing to the point where it can drag you down.  You don’t want to function like yourself or you can’t.  So, if you aren’t thinking about yourself, then you are trying to be stress free.  You can do it.  What It will bring out is something, you didn’t realize you had inside.  Where means, “where can you enjoy going that will bring happiness to others.  It may be visiting, shopping with someone in need, or a vacation (even if it is 48 to 72 hours).  Camping, hotel, bed & breakfast would be nice, especially, if you are taking someone that has never been before. Seeing the joy, that comes with someone enjoying, what you planned is great!


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