A Beautiful Day

The temperature 74 and there is a slight breeze. Today was so beautiful, it looked beautiful, felt beautiful and it was beautiful. I am hoping it(weather) will remain like this forever. But I am in Michigan and anything can be expected, it may rain, snow or hail tomorrow or today. There are some things we can enjoy this time a year, for example there is exercise, swimming, tennis and horseback riding. Actually, all of these can relieve stress. What do you prefer to do and then what else? Don’t stop there do them all. Make a schedule and try to do them early in the morning so you can do as many activities as you can during the day. Walking is essential for all, it helps with weight, breathing and your heart. I am sure there are many other benefits. I am starting my walking tomorrow, I couldn’t do it before because of my health, but now I am truly out there, especially for the thighs and because all exercises relieves stress. Do you have any suggestions for some simple exercises that we can do and enjoy? If you do comment……………………


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