It has been a while!

Yes, it has been a while since we have discussed being Stress Free. I really want you to enjoy a Stress Free fall and winter. It is going to be a beautiful fall in Michigan, that is a promise from Mother Nature.  We have always had a lovely fall.  Leaves vary in color hanging from the trees, making your drive down the highway serene.  Looking at the trees on each side of the highway is a artist conception of beauty.
Let’s make plans to enjoy our days and weekends. There is so much to do to enjoy your life in the fall. Planning is the important thing. First make a list of what you like to do.  Share your list with us and we will share our thoughts with you.
My List:
1.  Reading
2.  Sewing Messenger bags
3.  Embroidery
These are just a few projects to make fall/winter more enjoyable Stress Free and to go by more swiftly. I will give you hints next time. So stay with me,  I am not going anywhere.


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