Don’t let Stress creep in.

I want to share the ways to keep stress from creeping in.  When things are overwhelming don’t fly off the handle. Step back, look at the situation. Look at it alone,  whisper a quiet prayer.  Now think about it, is it really worth you being stressed over? Did u really get a good feeling or did u get a negative reaction when u were stressed out?
After you have pondered a while let it go.  Move on, think about what is next for you to enjoy your day.  Each day is different sometimes planning can be involved. Somedays unforeseen occurrence befell us all. Try to make the most out of the days you have control over.  If you work make plans and enjoy those off days.  What do you enjoy?  What makes you happy? 
Think about it!  Let’s really discuss that the next time.

“Stress Free is what you want to be,” Maria


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