What relieves Stress?

Everyone wants the answer to that question. First,  watch the big things, the small things take care of themselves.  Let the hands of your love one massage your shoulders or just rub your back, arms,  legs or wherever you will feel soothed.  It isn’t about sensuous. It is about relaxing, relieving stress/tension.  Thank you for that rub. Now i must be alone.  A little me time, don’t be offended anyone.  I just need that space for a while. Prepare a cup of ginger tea with honey or agave. Get ginger roots, peel,  slice 1/4, boil add lemon and the natural sweet I suggested. Sip in your favorite cup. Get a good book not TV unless it is a good movie, a tear jerker, if u will. Lite tear jerked with romance. Good ending like a old Danielle Steel. Guys u know what you like,  a good James Patterson. Pull out a soft throw. Light a nice smelling candle. Put your legs up,shoes off, of course. If u feel yourself falling asleep,  ok, go with it. That hot bath started this stress relief process off for you.  Hummm  Enjoy! Zzzzz

“Stress Free is what you want to be,” Maria


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