“You can do without the Stress”

I didn’t think it was possible! But hey “you can do without stress.”  You are in control of all your actions.  Think about it for a minute. Kids are screaming, horns are blowing, forgot their lunch and late for work.  Take each one at a time. How do you control all of those behaviors?  You are in charge of your behavior.  There are some things you can take control of and that is your mind. You can shut down the things you don’t want to hear.  You either shut them down by tuning them out or taking care of them.  If they need you taking care of them without causing you stress,then that is what you must do. Otherwise, shut them down until the time is right for you to take care of them.  They will not change.If you are in control of them, they may need your attention of maybe not at this time.  At this time, can you do without taking care of them.  Which way does it feel more stressful to you? Taking care of behaviors now or later? Do you want to shut them down until you are ready to take control of them?  Take a deep breath and make your decision.

All the information that I send to you doesn’t have to be “deep” as some might say, but reasonable. Things to make you

Stress Free


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