Stress and Therapy

There is one thing I do appreciate about therapy and that is therapy.  The whole purpose of therapy is to clear the air, if you will. Stress covers an array of definitions, and that depends on the person who is getting the therapy. There are many reasons to get into therapy, let’s use stress for one. If you truly are going into therapy for the purpose of removing the weight of stress, then it will be a great benefit to you.  Stress can cause physical as well as mental illness, as we all know.  Therefore, handling it in the appropriate manner will heal the mind, heart and soul.  It is a necessary course of action and needless to say we all experience stress at one time or another.  We want to claim, that we are genuinely stress free, but come on in today’s world it is impossible to experience STRESS FREE lifestyle.  Even, the wealthy are antagonized by something that they can not spend money on to fix.  No matter which way we turn we will be forced to deal with issues that we were hoping to avoid in life that will cause us stress.  The main point here is how we are going to deal with it.  Sometimes, that stress will linger and be compound with even more stress.  When it gets to the point that it is taking over our thoughts on a day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute basis, we are becoming a victim of stress.  Now, it is time to do something for ourselves to relieve this stress.  If it isn’t working itself out, therapy is the answer.  In this way we can talk it out and look at it from perhaps an angle we hadn’t considered before.  Maybe, Therapy is the answer.  Let’s try it.  Put everything that is bothering you right out there.  No holding back what would be the purpose of holding back.  You are paying for this session and it is suppose to benefit you.  Ok all the thoughts are laying on the table……….What happens next.  We really need to think about this, is this what you came for, why not?  There is no one in this room but you and the therapist and she or he is not going  to do anything but help you.  So continue, what is weighting down so hard on you, out of all the things you have poured out what really is it that is truly forcing you  not eat and sleep like you are use to.  Give it your all, it may hurt to admit it but the reality of it is going to help you to be on the road to Stress Free!


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