Trying to be free from stress

Relief From Stress
I know this sounds weird coming from me but here is the situation.   I love blogging,  sewing and designing bags, unique ones at that, in love with writing short stories,  I like counseling, which I do best,  I enjoy cooking new things, I love embroiderying,  I love beading, I love plays, I love art galleries. I love national geographic and looking at vintage stuff.  There are a few more things but not as important to me.  But i have no one to enjoy any of this with. I am not lonely  or bored.  But I have no one to talk to about these things.  I would love going to lunch and sharing these topic with a friend.   That is what I don’t have.  Someone with the same interest.  Or someone with similar interest.  I keep meeting someone in craft stores, they give me their numbers. I call them but they never call back. I just say hello remember me? Let’s get together go back to craft store or may be I don’t get that far. I leave a message. What is wrong with this picture?? Grandkids 15yrs. & 23 yrs. have their own lives.  Daughter and son not interested in none of the above. Don’t mind dropping me off at a gallery or fabric store.  This could be stressful but I have a choice of not being stressed.  One day I will meet someone, hopefully a “friend” and we can share creative ideas.  

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