What is the best remedy for stress?

Stress is a natural reaction of the body to any demand (pleasant or unpleasant) placed upon it.
A new job can be as stressful as falling in love or breaking up
Finding remedies when stressed.  Enjoy your new….job, before it gets old.  Take each day of falling in love as steps to enjoy the new life.  Do little things on certain days that can become a remembrance ritual.  Like special restaurant,  special song pick together,  lots of specials. . 
If it is a breakup destroy all the special stuff.  Start focusing on you. Buy something special for you.  Get a massage, visit a old close single friend. Don’t forget to indulge yourself in whatever you enjoy.  Start your morning with aerobic or walking with your music. Organize what needs to be organized. Start a new enjoyable hobby, rearrange something.   Oh don’t forget to window shop.  Explore your new hair styles & make up.  Ok get busy, don’t lay around and drown in your thoughts…….need more let me know.

Relief From Stress http://mariaplace14341.blogspot.com/

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