My Stress Free Therapy

There is one thing that brings me into a tranquil state.  That one thing is beauty.  I love beauty in all forms.  Photography and Art are first on my list.  I can look at both for hours.  It puts me in a relaxed state.  It is almost to the point that I dont want to let it go.Is there something that makes you feel the same way.  It may be Fashions Magazines, Bird Watching, Sewing or Music. Whatever it may be keep it close to you and make time for it, as often as you can.  Then release it  and go with the beauty of it. Don’t try and share it with anyone except a person who has the very same emotions for that particular joy. Because trying to force someone into it and they really aren’t lovers of your joy as you are WILL only put a negative vibe on it. Today,  was a remarkable Stressfree Day.

I planned it, I looked forward to it. I conquered that JOY….I almost let the rain rob me of it.  NOW I CAN TAKE A DEEP BREATH AND REFLECT ON..Tell me about your Stressfree day!