Question to my WP friends.

Good afternoon, this is not my usual post. I am asking for your help. If u or someone u know  wakes up most mornings nausea. No I am too too old to be pregnant. It is from my back meds for pain. Yes I eat before I take meds. Dr. have given me all types of med to counteract the nausea. None of them work. Right now I am sipping on cinnamon and hot water. Horrible-not working after a while.  Any suggestions….holisic or otherwise. Thanking u in advance.


One thought on “Question to my WP friends.

  1. Try camomile tea or green tea with a small piece of ginger. You can add bit honey for the taste 😉
    I don’t know if it is an option to change medication, but I know my mother gets nausea from a specific substance often used in regular medication, if I remember correct NSAID. Maybe also worth looking into?
    Good luck, hope you find a solution soon!
    Kind regards from a neighbor at this globe.

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