Trying to be free from stress

Relief From Stress
I know this sounds weird coming from me but here is the situation.   I love blogging,  sewing and designing bags, unique ones at that, in love with writing short stories,  I like counseling, which I do best,  I enjoy cooking new things, I love embroiderying,  I love beading, I love plays, I love art galleries. I love national geographic and looking at vintage stuff.  There are a few more things but not as important to me.  But i have no one to enjoy any of this with. I am not lonely  or bored.  But I have no one to talk to about these things.  I would love going to lunch and sharing these topic with a friend.   That is what I don’t have.  Someone with the same interest.  Or someone with similar interest.  I keep meeting someone in craft stores, they give me their numbers. I call them but they never call back. I just say hello remember me? Let’s get together go back to craft store or may be I don’t get that far. I leave a message. What is wrong with this picture?? Grandkids 15yrs. & 23 yrs. have their own lives.  Daughter and son not interested in none of the above. Don’t mind dropping me off at a gallery or fabric store.  This could be stressful but I have a choice of not being stressed.  One day I will meet someone, hopefully a “friend” and we can share creative ideas.  

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“Not a shed of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is
serious.” By Brendon Gill
“Laugh is the fire work of the soul.” Josh Billings

When is the last time u laughed? I mean really laughed. Got down on the floor, held your stomach, turned red or teared up.  That is a real laugh.  That when it is good for you.  You need that regularily. Your face needs it too. It breaks down the lines in your face, that is a bonus along with the fact that it takes a lot of stress off of the whole  body. It makes you feel good. Think about it! Try it ! Didn’t that feel good? 

The Hotel

This weekend was Stress Free.  I decided to take up a treat of staying in the hotel for 48 hours.  I had a beautiful room in one of the most elite hotels in our Michigan area.  The day started with a wonderful meal of salad and a lovely sandwich, which was plentiful, so I played with that all day.  I filled the refrigerator with wines, diet pop and water. I had lots of treats, that ordinary I would have refused myself from eating (diet thing).  I brought my computer and kindle, not sure which would have my attention but I know I needed to blog. Now that I had all my goodies and my fabulous room, it was time to go to the pool.  The water was warm, almost as warm as the jacuzzi.  Following the water relaxation, I hit the sauna.  That was a real treat.  Now I feel great.  I went back to my room and enjoyed the rest of that delicious salad and sandwich.  Had a glass of wine and decided to write this blog.  TV on Saturdays for some reason is not the best, but there is always Netflex and On demand.  After the blog writing I will get into a movie.  I don’t think that movie thing will last too long because, I am so relaxed that I think sleeping is next on the agenda.  This was a Stress Free evening.  I am suggesting that you try it.  You don’t always have to go out of town.  Just try it, get away and relax!

Anxiety pushes up the face of stress

I will explain. If you are anxious about an issue or issues, then you are pulling up stress.  1st step, the plan is to fiqure out what is causing the anxiety.  Did you lose a love one to death, divorce,  lose a job, home or car? This is just naming a few that brings on anxiety and then the stress begins. Once u look at what it is then begin to address it. Depending on the nature of the problem, solutions are what needs to be looked at. 2nd step, making a list of the solutions that perhaps you can handle. Sometimes, we avoid the very thing that can decrease the anxiety. Hopefully, this is helpful but this is not the end. This is the beginning of conquering the stress.

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