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Stress Free the way to be…

I have been depressed for years. My feelings were different from those I was around. I wore a mask like i was enjoying myself but i wasn’t. I began to find what really interest me. I started finding people i wanted to be around. I love art now i am taking classes. I do like me better. I have a goal. I am not nearly as good as the artist I am around. But my goal is to enjoy my accomplishmments. Not to please others but to please myself. To enjoy myself in what i do. I see others who are great Iam not like them but i enjoy looking at their work and maybe getting to a point where I can be real proud of me to me.  Doesn’t matter what others say.  Only constructive criticism is important in life.  Keep away from negativity.


Anxiety pushes up the face of stress

I will explain. If you are anxious about an issue or issues, then you are pulling up stress.  1st step, the plan is to fiqure out what is causing the anxiety.  Did you lose a love one to death, divorce,  lose a job, home or car? This is just naming a few that brings on anxiety and then the stress begins. Once u look at what it is then begin to address it. Depending on the nature of the problem, solutions are what needs to be looked at. 2nd step, making a list of the solutions that perhaps you can handle. Sometimes, we avoid the very thing that can decrease the anxiety. Hopefully, this is helpful but this is not the end. This is the beginning of conquering the stress.

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1st Day of Spring

Goodbye Winter, I can’t complain because, I didn’t get the flu. Nor did any other house hold member get sick. I feel good about that. It makes u feel good when others are feeling ok.  If you focus on others as oppose to focusing on yourself, it takes a lot of stress away from you.  Now Spring is here let’s make plans. I will leave you to think about your plans.